Firearms On Campus: Dangerous Idea?

Belle Chase Rep. Ernest Wooten wants to allow people with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns on school campuses. He suggests that having law abiding armed citizens on campus would reduce violence.

I, too, am sick and tired of the wanton violence that plagues us. I would bet my paycheck that most of us are.  Are we willing to go so far as to allow people to carry guns on campus?

Imagine the potential of a wild-west shooting frenzy among the people with good intentions and the bad people and some innocent kids caught in the crossfire. That is just one example of what could go wrong. Firearms on campus! What do you think?


Race In America: Who Are We Really?

The one thing that Barack Obama and his controversial Spiritual mentor have taught us is that race is still the millstone around our collective necks that continues to divide us as a nation and a community.  It is a subject that lies ever so slightly beneath the American landscape.

   It was refreshing for me to hear Obama tackle the issue in an objective attempt to put the subject in perspective.  Sadly, his effort falls short when compared to the harsh style and hateful tone coming from his former minister.  

   Unfortunately, most people will not remember the collegial, reasonable and enlightened speech by Obama. That is a shame because we will miss a great opportunity to have a positive discussion about race in our country.  On a personal level, a lot of us are confused about how race affects us, consciously and subconsciously.    For example, the fact that many of us have mixed ancestry is still a secret.  I was 53 years old when I learned that my father’s dad was Irish.  I found out while attending my father’s funeral in St. Louis, Mo three years ago.  While at my dad’s youngest brother’s home, I stumbled upon an old family album.  Just last week a close friend revealed that his mother disclosed that his great grand father married an African American woman.  He says she told him this in confidence because she did not know how his sisters would feel about it.

  I submit that collectively we are simply people drawn together under a unique circumstance and we need to embrace that with a healthy conversation about what that means.  What do you think?

-Norman Robinson

United Against Criminals

   As I sat listening to the various speakers during the ‘Twenty Third Annual Crime Stoppers Awards Luncheon’,    I asked myself when was the last time we acted as a community united in the effort to keep our neighborhoods safe from the criminals who terrorize us.   The fact is we have spurts of outrage among segments of our community but nothing sustainable and inclusive.

   I have no scientific evidence, but I do have empirical evidence to support my point.

   For example, several days ago when a young female student from an uptown magnate high school died after a drug overdose there was outrage and shock among the, so called mainstream members of our society.  One of my upper middle class friends exhibited frustration and confusion.  He said he could not understand how this could happen to a person who was not what he described as a “low class poor person.”

   It is that kind of thinking which divides us; the thugs know it.

   There can be no unity among us in the battle against criminals until every crime outrages us all no matter whom the victim is.  What do you think?

-Norman Robinson