United Against Criminals

   As I sat listening to the various speakers during the ‘Twenty Third Annual Crime Stoppers Awards Luncheon’,    I asked myself when was the last time we acted as a community united in the effort to keep our neighborhoods safe from the criminals who terrorize us.   The fact is we have spurts of outrage among segments of our community but nothing sustainable and inclusive.

   I have no scientific evidence, but I do have empirical evidence to support my point.

   For example, several days ago when a young female student from an uptown magnate high school died after a drug overdose there was outrage and shock among the, so called mainstream members of our society.  One of my upper middle class friends exhibited frustration and confusion.  He said he could not understand how this could happen to a person who was not what he described as a “low class poor person.”

   It is that kind of thinking which divides us; the thugs know it.

   There can be no unity among us in the battle against criminals until every crime outrages us all no matter whom the victim is.  What do you think?

-Norman Robinson


  1. I agree with your comments Norman. Drug abuse and drug trafficking is not limited to the “low life” of our society. If it were, it would not thrive and exist at the level that it does. I believe that our community harbors the frustration and fear of the war on drugs. They feel as I feel that none of us are immune to this epidemic. If drug abuse has not occurred in your immediate family, it has happen to someone you are acquainted with.

    Our fear is two fold, 1) that it does not happen in your family; 2) is it worth it ” to join the battle”..

    I believe people will not be apathetic to join the battle, if tougher laws and enforcement, and a firm committment on educating the public on the dangers of drugs. I know that this is not an easy task and all our efforts and messages will have to be rereated over and over again until we win. Our fortitude, “The ones who are most committed, win”.

  2. I agree. I’ve been wondering, when someone dies of a drug overdose, and that person’s parents are not members of the upper middle class, are the drug dealers hunted down, arrested, and featured on the nightly news? If so, then that young woman must be the first overdose death in New Orleans in decades!

  3. I also agree but it was my understanding that the saving grace for all of as humans would be education and looking at people in classes (upper or lower) indicates that the educational system is missing out on something. Since this person attending the funeral indicated that a drug overdose indicates a person of a lower class then what is their opinion of a death by alcohol abuse or depression? We can’t place these forms of indulgenses on just a class of people but chosen stupidity. I will not let myself believe that persons of better wealth or class would know not to indulge in drugs and over do it with alcohol. We can’t let ourselves believe that this onlyhappens to people of the “lower class” simply because we forget to help those of all caste who need our help. Our power is in education and getting that full education and understanding is our freedom.

  4. I am not sure to which community you are referring, but it is apparent to me daily that people in this community are, and have for a very long time, been outraged by the crime in this City. And it bothers me immensely that White Americans are so often accused of falling short of sympathy for black on black crimes. Black communiities can not keep pointing the finger at the White communities and alleging they are not doing enough. There is no time or place for the blame game, we are all in this battle together. They are remarks such as those stated in your blog that create resentment and offer no solution to bringing the two communities together.

  5. The truth is what it is – Black crimes are not looked at as being so extreme – just what is expected. I work in a lilly white office and all the crime is African America and it is unheard of to say that whites do crime. When it is, you should see the expression on their faces. When a white person committs a crime then the community is in an uproar and the marches start. It has been this way and probably will always be this way. Yes I will point my finger at the man who is bringing the dope into the country that is causing all this crime – ask yourself – is “Raheem” or “Pookie” chartering pllanes or ships bringing it in? No they are not ’cause they can’t afford it. But your big shot in the Armani suit living large is buying it and no one blink an eye ’cause they are the upstanding executive living in the gated community. The government should start busting from the “TOP” and go down but I guess they would loose so many …

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