Is Reverend Wright Wrong?

The controversial former pastor to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is on the loose again. Just when some of us believed it safe to engage in a sensible and reasoned discussion about race in America, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is blazing away with his own brand of fire and brimstone from his pulpit of African American church theology.

The controversy exploded after the September 11th attacks. Wright preached a sermon chastising America for dropping atomic bombs on Japan and supporting, what he characterized as, state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans.

Just recently, Rev. Wright told the national press club in Washington, D.C. that he hopes, “The most recent attack on the black church – it is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright – it’s an attack on the black church.”

At a news conference in Wilmington, North Carolina, The Washington Post quotes Barack Obama who said: “I just want to emphasize that this is my former pastor, any of the statements that he’s made both to trigger this controversy and that he’s made over the last several days are not statements that I’ve heard him make previously. They don’t represent my views. And they don’t represent what this campaign’s about.”

Some people say that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a racial demagogue and others say Obama’s repudiation of Wright is too little too late. What do you think?



  1. The issue of Rev. Wright’s comments have little to nothing to do with an attack on Black Churches, or any religion for that matter. He is out and out un-American. After the ultimate tragedy of 911, how can anyone say that America “deserved” it because of actions it took militarily over 50 years ago? It’s is too late for Obama to distance himself with Rev. Wright. He talks about Rev. Wright as a former Pastor of the Church he still attends as if Rev. Wright was a Pastor there BEFORE Obama attended. Obama has found it difficult to denounce Rev. Wright’s remarks and opinions because Rev. Wright was the Pastor the entire time Obama went to that Church until the recent retirement of Rev. Wright. He cannot denounce the Reverand because then he would seem a hippocrite in his own Church. However, politics does make for strange bedfellows. I guess anyone in Obama’s position, one of the finalists in America’s greatest race, would do just about anything to win…

  2. You can acknowledge a persons ideas without fully agreeing to those thoughts. Rev. Wringt is right…most of his critics did not hear the entire sermon nor have they ever been in a black church…a charismatic church. Paul Morton, TD Jakes, Eddie Long all have said things that would draw an eye brow to raise. Why is it that Rev. Wright (who have spoken in New Orleans at Dillard University several times) is persecuted? Let us remember Dr. King’s real dream… “will all join hands and sing free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we’re free at last”. Dr. King meant in church….not the board room.

  3. Rev. Wright is probably the most un-American person that is in the media today. Although, he served in the military for six years, but that does not make him a patriot. Timothy McVeigh served in the Army, but look at what he was capable of doing. Now, in no way am I saying Rev. Wright is a terrorist, but his verbal attacks on America and the fact he leads a congregation can be harmful to support of America by its citizens. Toni really does not offer any information or facts to support Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright has made numerous statements against American, and if bringing those comments to the public is an attack on the “black” church than I do not what to say. However, being a Christian, Rev. Wright should be aware that regardless of the Christian denomination we are all follows of Christ; therefore, the same church. The pulpit is not a political stage, preach the Word not political ideas.

  4. The same racist rederick that we hear from the Rev. Wright, we can tune in and listen to the racist rants of Paul Beauieu, and John Slade on WBOK 1230 AM each afternoon. Today they talked about shooting police because the justice system never favors the black man. They talked about having a lynch mob outside the White House to “string-up” the President and Vice President. They also talked about when a white person puts one of us (black person) in the hospital, we should put one of them (white person) in the morgue.

    Why haven’t you guys; as Press, picked up on this. These two guys also have a television show on Cox Education channel. Are they educating the public how to hate?

    These guys need to be reported, and taken off the air.

  5. Well, first, to Toni who posted a comment. I disagree I believe Dr. King meant EVERYWHERE. Not just church. I have been to several “black” churches and many with all different races present. How sad is it the we say “black” church. I do agree that slavery was wrong, just as I beleive that people coming taking the land from the Indians was wrong. My people are of American Indian descent and you don’t see me acting nuts over it. It is done. It is not what I did or those here now. I believe that many people keep themselves down. Not just african american, but many white people as well. So many are raised thinking the world owes them something when the fact of the matter is, no one us any of us anything. We are to get up everyday and work. WORK! not wait for handouts or dwell on the past. I am not from a place where everything was given nor did I have a silver spoon. In fact, we were poor. We lived without lights, not phone. Sometimes no food and I can remember wiping my behind with newspaper. But we made it. If there was medicaid when we were kids we sure didn’t have it. But I didnt make this lifestyle my crutch, I made it my stepping stone. They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I believe that was Dr. Kings feeling. There is a place for public assistance, but it shouldn’t be a lifestyle.
    To me Mr. Wright is keeping is own people down. Making seeming highly educated people into gullible followers who cant even have their own common sense thoughts.
    I believe what we all need to take a look at is OUR OWN LIVES! Jesus died for the sins of all. God is a loving God who desires the same of his children regardless of their color or income. And if this “REVERAND” preaches hate to ANYONE, then I believe I will pray for his soul.

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