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  1. As a person who is consistently asked “What are you?”, I am still taken back by the question, much less the discourtesy . In professional and/or casual encounters, when asked, I usually respond, I’m a girl and move on to another topic. I wonder about the necessity of the question and would my response sway the conversation in particular directions. My medical records have been incorrectly documented numerous times and in this city particularly ,I have experienced amazing reactions to my truthful answer ,when I do respond. I have worked with all races/nationalities and encountered harmonious common ground. No disrespect, Mr. Robinson, I find the media provokes disharmony many times in its’ coverage…and almost refuses to project the blending of races, personalities, lifestyles that do make this city so unique. When people of differences are together, surely there is some uncomfortableness, however, we must step out of our own personal space and extend conversation and fellowship to learn what those differences are…then we learn, that how we all think, behave, live, love and suffer is all very, very similar. It’s okay to not agree, it’s not okay to deny ourselves the privilege to learn about others and in doing so, we learn about ourselves.

  2. I just want add that i am trying to move back home and everything ive come across is too high im wondering if i would be making a big mistake by moving back home to new orleans i have three kids and ive been here in baton rouge since being evacuated from the storm and all my family has gone back i was once staying in the guste low rise developement i had came back and tryed to claim my apartment and they said that they will have it fix up and ready by the time i have my baby and when i did have my baby and i called them back to see about my apartment they had told me i had no apartment and that i need to pay my back rent im talking bout all the months after the storm up until the month of may of 2006 they tryed to charge me $800.00 dollars to move back in and my rent was only $36.00 dollars now how do you come up with that if your only charging from january of 2006 to may of 2006 and thats not all i am under baton rouge housing i left the shelter the same week i was evacuated and went out to baton rouge housing so i can have some where for me and my children to stay the the mayor got on the news and said that it would be years before the city to be back up and running so i got up and went got me some help i was’nt gonna just set there and wait for the city to open back up and thats why im under this house but guste housing wanted me to pay rent out here in baton rouge and also new orleans housing in order to keep my apartment i was’nt doing it because that money is going to the same organization so why should i pay rent at two placeses l was told by the housing main office that all they was suppost to do is transfer me back under new orleans housing and thats how i get stuck out here they is a part of the reason some people is not back because they are letting residence management run everything over there and their not looking into how many people they’ve illegally evicted out of their apartments my sister also stayed there and she did what they ask of her and she payed rent to guste low rise and baton rouge housing she paid double to the same people meaning the same organaztion.and im now under the diseaster voulcher and when it runs or the program ends i will be homeless ive been trying to get a section 8 voulcher i went to the office and filled out the papers they gave and the lady took my papers and said i would be called in four weeks and no one has never called me and that was since august of 2007 i don’t know whats next i have seek legal aid help and got no respond i called sevral times leaving a message and no one has called me back so now im trying to move back off a $648.00 dollar diseater voulcher and the rent is too high for my voulcher to cover that and this is why some of people is homeless under the north claiborne bridge in new orleans .

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