Just & Unjust: Forcing People into a Life of Crime.

 I know you have heard the expression ‘damned if you do and damned it you don’t.’  Never has that meaning been clearer to me than now.  I am referring to the people who serve their time in jail, paying their debt to society, only to find that society will never accept them.  

 That to me is absolutely cruel and unusual punishment.  Take the case of a young man who has put himself through school, graduated and landed a decent paying job. That young man has worked for a couple of years, earning a reputation as a hard worker and a dependable employee.  Now, the big kick:  Recently, the company decides to do a background check.  The background check reveals that the youngster once spent time in prison.  He becomes a casualty because company policy states no one can be employed who has a criminal record. 

 The youngster has already paid his debt to society.  He has rehabilitated himself.  Now society kicks him in the face and sends him back to the streets. 

 Society is wrong.  Instead of rejection, we should be embracing and applauding people for becoming productive citizens.  Is there any doubt that society is telling people with criminal records that crime is their only out?   What do you think?