Who Can Afford To Live Here?

I started thinking about this a few days ago after I received an e-mail from a resident in Tall Timbers. The e-mail reminded me of just how difficult it has become to live in the New Orleans area with the increase in home insurance and property taxes.

I should point out that while property taxes are understandable the exorbitant cost of home insurance is outrageous.

There was a great deal of fanfare not too long ago when several private insurance companies started writing home insurance policies locally.

The bloom soon fell off the rose after it we learned that those companies were only cherry picking a few homeowners out of the many thousands of homeowners who are at the mercy of the state run home insurance program, which has doubled and in some cases tripled the cost of some monthly mortgage payments.

Unless this problem changes there will only be two kinds of people left in New Orleans: The extremely wealthy and the extremely poor.