Picking on Working People

     I almost wanted to pull my hair out after reading the latest account of the attempt by Governor Bobby Jindal to land a huge salary for his economic development secretary and the department director.  How can one of the poorest states in the country justify paying a combined salary of well over a half million dollars to two individuals at a time when some members of the legislature are whining about paying a few measly dollars to a handful of toll takers and ferry workers at the Crescent City Connection. 

  State Representative Patrick Connick questioned whether it was fiscally prudent or even necessary to pay ferry deckhands and bridge toll collectors $26,000 a year.  These are hard working citizens.  Many of them are struggling to take care of families.  It seems rather callous to write them off as non-essential.  

  Just think of it $320,000 a year for the economic development secretary, a job which pays $180,000 in the state of Tennessee.  Which state is doing better economically?